Brier Creek Park in Raleigh NC

Amy Hartle

📍9339 Bruckhaus St, Raleigh, NC 27617

Brier Creek Park is one of my favorite toddler-friendly playgrounds in the area. In fact, it’s largely designed specifically for younger kids. This brightly colored, train-themed playground is sure to be a hit with your kids, too.

Brier Creek Park is located in Brier Creek right near the RTP area. It is situated close to Brier Creek Elementary.

🐦We’re currently on a mission to visit every playground in the Triangle region! If you don’t see something posted on our site yet, it is definitely in the works!

A toddler heads towards the vividly colored play equipment at Brier Creek Park in Raleigh, NC, showcasing blue tunnels, yellow and red train-themed structures, and multiple slides. The park, bathed in sunlight, also offers picnic areas under a large pavilion in the background, inviting a perfect day out for families.
The train theme is absolutely adorable here

As the mom of a nearly 2-year-old, I’m always evaluating local parks for their toddler-friendliness. Brier Creek ticks many of the boxes. There is rubberized squishy ground beneath all of the play structures. The play structures are mostly very low to the ground, making them easily accessible to littles.

The train theme is something toddlers love, and here they can sit in the train cars and even check out the “engine” with it’s little yellow slide.

The “bigger kids” play structure at Brier Creek Park

While there is an “older kids” play structure here, it is also very toddler friendly. The slides are low and gradual, and there are steps leading up to the platforms. My son Malcolm had an easy time navigating all of the play items here.

While there is no shade over the playground itself, it is located directly next to a large covered picnic shelter (which can also be rented out for events such as birthday parties!) This shade is very welcome on a hot sunny day here in Raleigh and you’ll appreciate that the bathrooms are directly behind the shelter.

There are more things to explore at Brier Creek, including two adjacent multi-purpose fields, and the Brier Creek Community Center. All the amenities of Brier Creek Park can be found here if you want to learn more.

A young child stands at the edge of a playground, gazing at colorful play structures including a blue slide, red and yellow playhouses, and a train-themed playset, all under a clear blue sky.
“Where do I start?!”

A Couple More Things to Know about Brier Creek

If you’re making a day of your visit, I have a few recommendations. Grab brunch or lunch from either The Flying Biscuit or Mellow Mushroom. Both are right around the corner from this playground and are among some of the most kid-friendly restaurants in the area.

Illustrated checklist of amenities and facilities at Brier Creek Park, 9339 Bruckhaus St, Raleigh, NC 27617, featuring playground equipment, general amenities, sports facilities, and other features. Checked items include slides, toddler playground, bathrooms, water fountain, trash bins, picnic tables, picnic shelters, shade areas, and rubberized surface. Unchecked items include swings, baby swings, accessible equipment, sandbox, walking paths, mulch, splash pad, fenced play area, and any specific sports fields. The bottom of the checklist displays the Raleigh Family Adventure's logo with two red birds and a note about multi-purpose fields.