30+ Indoor Playgrounds in Raleigh NC & The Triangle

Amy Hartle

There are so many great indoor playgrounds near me in the Triangle, with fun for kids of all ages! And visiting an indoor playground is one of the best things to do in Raleigh with kids.

Indoor play comes in many forms, from classic indoor playgrounds using soft play equipment, tunnels, obstacle courses, and ball pits, to indoor adventure parks with indoor go-karting, mini-golf, and more.

In this guide, I’ve highlighted over 30 indoor play spaces, including museums, arcades, trampoline parks, and all types of indoor play areas in Raleigh and the surrounding towns. You’ll find all the essential info here, like pricing, location, and hours, plus links to our own detailed reviews for the places we’ve been.

While we’ve already visited many of the Triangle’s indoor play spaces, we are slowly continuing to tick the rest of them off our list. We feel so lucky to live in an area that has so many options for indoor fun!

Please note: Information listed is accurate as of June 2024. Always check with the business for most up-to-date information.

Indoor Playgrounds in Raleigh NC

an indoor playground with lots of lcimbing structures and ropes and a nature-themed mural on the wall behind it
Greystone: A free indoor playground in Raleigh!
Two young children play on a wooden climbing structure inside Bumble Brews in Raleigh, NC. The play area includes slides, climbing walls, and various interactive elements, while a caregiver watches nearby, ensuring a safe and engaging environment.
Playing at Bumble Brews in Raleigh
A spacious indoor trampoline park in Raleigh, NC, featuring a large grid of interconnected trampolines with black jumping surfaces and orange padding. The park includes various attractions like a basketball area, ninja course, and cushioned seating areas, providing a fun and dynamic environment for visitors.
Big Air in Raleigh: so much room to bounce!

Apex Indoor Play Spaces

A joyful child sits among yellow and white balls in a ball pit at an indoor playground in Apex, NC, with other kids climbing and playing in the background under the watchful eye of adults
Playing in the ball pit at Happy Feet Planet in Apex
A young child walks past a foam pit filled with colorful foam cubes in an indoor adventure park. The park features ropes, climbing structures, and various obstacles, providing a vibrant and engaging space for active play.
So many fun places to jump and play at Sky Zone in Apex

Indoor Playgrounds in Cary NC

A small child in a blue outfit explores a vibrant, geometric climbing dome at Over The Moon Play Space in Cary, NC, with a colorful space-themed mural in the background.
The space theme is so cool at this Cary indoor playground!
A toddler in a dinosaur-print outfit is selecting toys from a shelf in the Infant & Toddler Area of an indoor play space in Cary, NC, surrounded by colorful soft blocks and a playful rug.

Indoor Playgrounds in Durham, NC

A modern, brightly lit indoor play area featuring an array of colorful soft seating blocks on a wooden floor, with decorative circular windows and playful wall patterns providing an inviting atmosphere for children's activities in Raleigh, NC.
a huge colorful ballpit surrounds a soft play area for kids with animal print slides heading into it. A toddler walks through the ball pit toward the play area
It’s easy to spend hours exploring the maze of Angel Island Fun Park!
interior of Notasium play space in Durham. in the image is the name Notasium written on a yellow wall, with a floor play piano on the ground.
Music everywhere at Notasium!
A spacious indoor play area in Durham is filled with various wooden play structures, toys, and colorful mats. Children and an adult engage in different activities, with natural light streaming through large windows. The room has a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere, featuring educational wall decorations and organized play zones.

Indoor Playgrounds in Morrisville, NC

Indoor Play Spaces in Chapel Hill, NC

A cozy, well-organized indoor playroom features low wooden tables and stools, a variety of toys, and educational materials. A toddler plays in the background near a wall filled with informational displays and shelves stocked with supplies. The space has a warm, inviting atmosphere with natural light and a whimsical ceiling decoration.
The peaceful space inside The Nest

Holly Springs & Fuquay-Varina Indoor Play Areas

Interior of a children's play place designed to look like a tiny town with a police station, market, and hospital seen
a cute and colorful indoor gym and play space for toddlers, the walls are purple with large butterfly decals

Indoor Playgrounds in Clayton, NC

A colorful indoor playground features a whimsical mural of a clubhouse and a honey cart, with a tree bookshelf stocked with children's books. There is a play area with toys scattered on the floor, a small slide, and bright green rugs, creating a playful and inviting atmosphere for kids in Clayton, NC.

Wrapping Up This List of Awesome Triangle Indoor Playgrounds

The indoor play spaces on this list are great places to go on a rainy or hot day in Raleigh. These spots are all ideal for kids to let loose and play. If you’re looking for something a little calmer, however, consider some other options, such as Art Classes, Library Story Times, and more.

What is your favorite indoor playground near Raleigh? Are there any we missed? Tell us in the comments below!

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