Bumble Brews Play Cafe in Cary NC

Amy Hartle

📍2464 SW Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513

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A joyful toddler wearing a blue 'Sesame' shirt and red shorts sits on a play mat at Bumble Brews in Cary, NC, surrounded by whimsical wooden play structures and soft-toned decor.

Essential Things to Know:

⦁ Monday – 8:00am-7:00pm
⦁ Tuesday – 8:00am-7:00pm
⦁ Wednesday – 8:00am-7:00pm
⦁ Thursday – 8:00am-7:00pm
⦁ Friday – 8:00am-7:00pm
⦁ Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm
⦁ Sunday – 8:00am-6:00pm

Check the website, especially on weekends, to ensure Bumble Brews isn’t booked for a birthday party or private event. They also have fun events on some weekends you might want to attend!

$10 per child/$8 per sibling (6 months and up) for 90 minutes
Adults and babies free


Bumble Brews Play Cafe Review – Indoor Play Area Cary NC

Bumble Brews in Cary, North Carolina is the first indoor playground in the Triangle I went to with my son. We had heard great things about it, and it seemed perfect even for young babies, so at 6 months, we met up with friends and went to Bumble Brews to play. Since then, we have been countless times. It remains one of my favorite spots for indoor play with my toddler, and there’s lots to love about it. Let’s dive in!

Two infants engaging in playtime on a green shaggy rug; one in a vibrant dinosaur jumpsuit and the other in a navy blue outfit with a bib, both looking at each other with bright, curious expressions.
My son’s first ever play date at Bumble Brews. They couldn’t even sit up yet!

Bumble Brews is an indoor playground in Cary NC. It’s a clean, inviting space that is geared towards younger kids, 0-6.

It’s not a huge space, which I think is preferable when visiting with babies and toddlers as it’s so easy to keep an eye on them here. There are several different pretend play areas such as toy kitchen, puppet theatre, and more, plus plenty of assorted toys including small ride on cars, baby dolls, and lots of small vehicles.

Bright and inviting indoor playground in Cary, NC, featuring a wooden play structure with a slide and climbing holes, complemented by colorful play kitchen accessories and whimsical tree murals.

The toys are all suitable for toddlers and up and there are some baby-focused toys, too. I like that all of the toys are designed for the younger crowd because I rarely have to worry about there being anything too small (ie. a choking hazard).

The main attraction for many tiny visitors to Bumble Brews are the two playsets with slides. There is a smaller one and a larger one, but both are scalable by my 20 month old and offer fun, fast slides (with pads at the bottom).

Adorable toddler with big blue eyes and a small smile, sitting on a light blue slide in a playful indoor setting with a wooden playset and tree-themed decorations in the background.

There are a range of softer spaces throughout the room, including some carpeted areas which are great for babies just starting to sit up.

Mom and Dad can order coffee at Bumble Brews, which is one of my favorite aspects, and frankly why I sometimes choose this spot over other indoor playgrounds in the area! The coffee is genuinely good, too! I like an iced vanilla latte.

Inquisitive young child in a striped yellow and blue t-shirt and white shorts, exploring a wooden play structure with carved tree designs, wearing playful American flag-themed socks

Feeling the need for something a little less perky? They’ve got beer and wine for adults, too, and I think I’ve even seen mimosas on the menu. A nice touch to have a fancy little beverage while the little ones play!

There are also several tables to sit at in the front of the space. We always sit here to enjoy a snack after playtime, but you could definitely bring a laptop and get some work done, as well.

Bumble Brews offers birthday parties, too, with a dedicated party room in the back. Their birthday party packages look pretty reasonable and you get use of the entire space..

Overall Impressions by Mom

Here are some of my personal impressions of Bumble Brews after several visits.

The staff is always friendly and the space always feels clean. There’s lots for my son to do and the playground feels just right for his age.

Unfortunately, this space can get very crowded. That is one downside of this being a smaller, more intimate space. On a rainy Raleigh day, Bumble Brews can be just packed with toddlers and their parents. It can feel a tad chaotic at those times and my son is often running into other kids. For that reason, we seldom come here on weekends. (But truth be told, ALL the local indoor playgrounds get packed on the weekends!)

Bustling indoor play area with children and adults interacting, featuring a person in a bright red mascot costume, various toys, and a colorful road-themed rug, capturing a moment of joyful activity.

Bumble Brews is best on a weekday, and I’ve found afternoons to be less crowded than mornings. They also offer an affordable monthly membership, which could allow you to try lots of different time slots and see what is best.

The only other thing I don’t love about Bumble Brews in Cary is the floor. Particularly when my son was first learning to walk, he would often have trouble on their hard floors, even when wearing the required grippy socks. This gave me anxiety when we would visit, and while it’s far less of a worry now that he’s a more confident walker, I still would love a totally carpeted or padded floor. To me, that’s the ideal surface for an indoor playground.

My conclusion? Absolutely give Bumble Brews a try if you have a child 6 and under. It’s an adorable space, they serve great coffee, and my kid always has a blast there.

PS: Join one of their events if you can. My son loved getting to meet “Elmo” a few months ago!