Kids Together Playground Cary NC

Amy Hartle

📍111 Thurston Dr, Cary, NC 27518 – Located in Marla Dorrel Park

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The Kids Together Playground in Cary, NC, is simply awesome! I took my son (22 months) on a warm winter afternoon and right away I could tell this would become one of our favorite playgrounds in the Triangle, as well as one of the most toddler-friendly.

A young child with a joyful expression sits on a playground in Cary, North Carolina, with rays of sunlight filtering through the equipment. The child wears a black sweater adorned with a teddy bear graphic and blue jeans, capturing a moment of innocent playtime.

A Review of Kids Together Playground Cary NC

This large, shady playground is a beautiful environment for play and fun. Right away, I appreciated that the playground was set a ways back from the parking lot, and even further from the road. That makes it feel secluded and safe from traffic.

In general, this park is just lovely. We were there on a warm February day with the sun shining and buds just beginning to appear on the trees. This drew my attention to all the shade surrounding this playground, not only from the natural elements like trees but also from shades attached to the play structures.

There are 3 main play areas in the playground, one which I would consider the largest, central playground.

A child runs towards the inviting play area at a sunny playground in Cary, North Carolina, surrounded by tall pine trees. The playground features various equipment with shades of green canopies, sand-covered ground, and is filled with the energy of children's playtime activities.
The largest playground area

Squishy ground, low set structures, and ample shade: this section gets an A+ from me as a toddler parent. There’s also a large sand area nearby, which Malcolm loved exploring.

The Kids Together Playground has been designed to be an inclusive playground for all children. This section showcases some of the most stellar inclusive elements. Not only is there a ramp leading up the play structure, there is a a variety of swings, including the chair style with clickable harness.

A scenic view of a playground in Cary, NC, under a clear blue sky. The park is framed by lush trees and blooming pink flowers, with children enjoying the green and red play structures. The fenced perimeter ensures a safe play environment, highlighting the natural and well-maintained setting.
Children play on green swing sets at a Cary, NC, playground nestled among tall, slender trees casting long shadows on the mulch-covered ground. The serene park atmosphere is infused with the energy of childhood joy and the tranquility of a forest setting
A wide range of swings in different styles are available
An accessible, inclusive swing set awaits its next visitor at a Cary, NC playground. Surrounded by a vibrant landscape with blooming pink cherry blossoms and the contrasting bare branches of winter trees, this park provides a welcoming environment for children of all abilities against a bright blue sky.
A wheelchair accessible We-Go-Swing®

I love seeing these inclusive aspects at the park. In a different section of the playground, there is also a group of 4 baby swings.

I mentioned earlier that there were essentially 3 primary sections to the park. The 2nd one is in the center and is a smaller, but taller play structure.

a multi-level playground structure with green shades and purple railings stands amidst a natural setting with mature trees and a mulch-covered ground. The playground invites children to climb, slide, and explore in the heart of Cary, North Carolina

Again, you can see there’s plenty of shade here! This playground area seems a bit more standard, and is probably geared towards slightly older kids. It was a little too tough for my son to navigate the upper parts, and I don’t love mulch for the ground surface, but definitely a great little spot.

Directly adjacent to this is a very pretty tree covered trellis area, pictured below. This provides even more shade and is also a nice spot for a rest or a snack.

A young child approaches a whimsical outdoor area with blue mushroom-shaped stools under the shade of an arching trellis covered in greenery, in a peaceful park setting in Cary, North Carolina. The path, bordered with red edging, leads to an inviting playground in the distance, nestled among tall trees and a clear blue sky

The third park section is the toddler/younger children’s area. This was ideal for Malcolm and we spent a lot of time here. I also deeply appreciate that this play space—and really, the entire playground—is partially enclosed by fencing. This offers such peace of mind for me, since Malcolm loves nothing more than running off into the most wooded, rocky areas he can find! Fences keep him safely confined to the playground!

A delighted child with a teddy bear on their sweater pauses at the top of a bright orange slide, ready for fun at a Cary, North Carolina playground. The sturdy green railings and surrounding trees create a safe and natural play environment on a sunny day

The toddler play structure has a large ramp leading up to it, adding valuable accessibility. Even the stairs leading up to the slides seem built with little ones in mind: they are narrow with sturdy handrails; perfect for those for whom walking (and not falling) is not yet an instinct!

Other Things to Note About Kids Together Playground

We didn’t check out the restrooms while we were here, but according to their website, these are extra spacious to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers, and an adult-sized changing table is also available. The bathrooms are conveniently located next to the main parking area.

A covered picnic area is next to this–great for birthday parties.

A large green dragon structure spreads over one area of the park, seemingly dipping below the surface of the ground. This dragon, named Katal, is definitely a fun attraction of the park.

A green water fountain station, featuring an accessible option at a lower height, stands ready for park-goers in a Cary, North Carolina playground. Tall pine trees provide a natural backdrop to this convenient hydration point, with pine straw-covered ground and a nearby trash receptacle ensuring cleanliness and sustainability

I noted plenty of seating throughout the playground, some designed in a whimsical style that matches the park vibes!

A person sits on a unique, ornate purple bench at a playground in Cary, North Carolina, with a backdrop of a fenced playground area, blooming pink cherry blossoms, and leafless trees. The scene evokes a leisurely and peaceful day at the park, with the bench's design adding a touch of whimsy to the setting
My mom, and Malcolm’s Mimi, chillin’ on one of the benches

I saw lots of trash bins, water fountains, and picnic benches as well. All in all, this is a well-equipped park built to handle a large number of visitors and it’s set up to be pleasant even on the hottest of North Carolina summer days.

Here’s a quick overview of the park’s amenities, all in one list:

Informative flyer for Kids Together Playground located at 111 Thurston Dr, Cary, NC 27518. The flyer lists amenities with checkmarks: swings, baby swings, accessible equipment, slides, toddler playground, sandbox, bathrooms, water fountain, trash bins, picnic tables, picnic shelters, shade areas, mulch, walking paths,rubberized surface, and fenced play area.  A notes section lists a basketball slab, multi-use slab, pop-up skate park, and misting gardens. The Raleigh Family Adventure logo is at the bottom, adding a touch of local branding

Finally, if you want to explore even more, you can hop onto the Hinshaw Greenway, which connects Marla Dorrel park to Maynard Drive at the end of 1.7 mile asphalt pathway. Just over the pedestrian bridge is MacDonald Woods Park, with another playground for kids to enjoy.

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